Los Angeles Security Guards for Hire Protect What Matters to You

Los Angeles Security Guards for HireOmega Security Services has excellent, thoroughly trained and vetted Los Angeles security guards for hire for nearly every event, business and location you can imagine in and around Los Angeles. We protect homes, schools, banks, high-rise buildings, office buildings, apartment complexes, movie studios, community centers and entertainment centers. We work for commercial and residential clients. We cover on location, VIP protection, large events, special events, fairs, weddings, bar mitzvahs and even aviation security. If you need to guard something or someone in the Los Angeles area, you can rely on our security guards for hire to protect your family, your employees, your guests, your property, your event and your reputation, whatever matters most to you.

When You Need to Hire a Los Angeles Security Guard, Call Omega Security Services, Inc.

Who and what you are guarding is important so you need to be sure your security guards for hire are the cream of the crop. Here at Omega Security Services, we have one of the most stringent vetting and training regimens there is. In fact, we approach selecting our security guards differently than other firms: instead of “weeding-out” those who do not meet standards, we work to “screen-in” the very best candidates for each job. Management spends at least 12 hours reviewing the qualifications and background of each applicant. When we hire a Los Angeles security guard, we get answers to all of the following questions:

Do they fit company standards and account job specifications? Do they meet our “person specifications?” If they pass the telephone pre-screen, we review an applicant video, their application and in-person pre-qualification interview. Then, we perform a thorough personal reference and background check, a military records check and (where permitted by law) a written honesty evaluation and drug testing. We vet proof of legal right to work, state registration and fingerprinting. We also involve our clients for their recommendations and opinions on individual candidates.

Once we find candidates we (and you) can trust, they also go through a stringent training process before they are added to our security guards for hire roster. We have a thorough training, testing and evaluation process so that we can recommend the right guards for each client. In fact, training is always on-going for each of our security guards for hire. These courses include Security Officer Basic Training (SOBC), OJT Checklist and OJT Guidebook for Security Officers, a self-study correspondence course series, market-specific training (e.g. for mall, movie set, aviation, hospital security etc.), an 8-hour annual in-service training course, and much more. We believe that by truly investing in our guards—by continuing to train and improve their skill sets and abilities—we are able to offer the highest possible value and security for our clients at all times.

When you need to hire a Los Angeles security guard, we understand you have a lot on the line. Our security guards for hire are here to keep you, your people and your assets safe and secure always. Call us at 818-831-1100 to discuss your needs with us today.

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